Spring Events

Come out to the Salmon Creek Art Walk this weekend to see these and other new paintings I’ve been working on.

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This weekend, May 2-3, 2015 I will be at the bi-annual Salmon Creek Art Walk. An in-home art display in a small community just north of Bodega Bay. Watch for the big orange signs along Highway 1 and you can’t miss it. The turn off is Bean Avenue and you can pick up a map at any of the clearly labeled participating homes or at the entrance to Salmon Creek on Bean Avenue. Salmon Creek is so small and the weather is looking good this weekend, so park your car and stroll around the neighborhood. I have joined three other artists to show my work in the home of one of the organizers, you can find me on the clearly labeled map of the event.

Beach at Salmon Creek Photo
Beach at Salmon Creek

Bring kids and family members too! Salmon Creek is adjacent to a long stretch of beach accessible at the end of Bean Avenue with parking and a short walk over the Dunes. You can continue to shop for great art while the family heads over to put their toes in the sand.

Earlier this month, was the Bodega Bay Fisherman’s Festival and it was great! Thanks to all who were able to come. It was good to see all the other artists there and to have good weather. We quickly recovered from an early collapse of artists display stands – an example of the Bodega Bay “breezes” at work, and went on to have a great weekend. There was an impressive turnout this year. Read more about this year’s event on Facebook.

Thanks for coming

Gold Landscape

Thanks everyone for coming to see me at the Salmon Creek Art Walk. It was a beautiful weekend and lots of people came out to browse among the art displayed in the studios. If you missed it, we are doing it again in the Spring. Will post the dates as soon as I know them.

The Golden Landscape pictured above is no longer available. It has been sold. Always available here to be viewed in digital form however. 🙂